"WOW!" "Natural Aid First" comes to the rescue! My grandson had an allergic reaction to a bee sting.  Normal reaction was to go to the emergency room but we avoided all of that when he had quick relief from the natural anti-histamine, histaminum hydrocloricum.  He had immediate positive results. No need to take chances, always get help when necessary but what a relief when you do not need intervention. There are many minor situations that are routine where this kit has helped us avoid stronger more invasive methods.  Headaches, cuts, rashes, bruises and on and on.  So, as we became more knowledgeable we found most of the time there is only one "First".

Larry, Retired CFO - Xerox Co.

"This kit offers all you need to address many challenges, body, mind and spirit, that unexpectedly arise so you can find immediate relief.  Everyone should have one on their own."

Sonia, NYTime Author - The Answer is Simple

"The "Natural Aid First " remedies have been the primary tool for immediate symptom relief , and long term health, for so many common conditions that I have recommended and experienced for 20 years with my patients, friends and family.  Natural Aid first protocols are easy to use, safe and therapeutically effective.  I could not image the costs, fears and potential life threatening reactions from emergency medical intervention, without this kit."

Thomas, D.C.

"I am a teenager and throughout my life so far, I have never used any drugs or medication other than natural remedies.  I have used homeopathy and the "Natural Aid First" kit for all of the times that I have gotten sick, injured, or have just not felt like myself.  I am prone to headaches and the remedy Iris Versicolor has helped me tremendously. Arnica Montana has been great for my athletic life.  In fact, I take it with me wherever I go.  This kit is truly life changing and I recommend it to everyone!

Willa, age 15

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