Helpful Tips

  • Prevention is the key.
  • Pay attention to your health, living a balanced lifestyle, and listening to the needs your body, mind and spirit.
  • Your Body needs good hygiene and a balance of  movement, exercise, rest, sleep, nutritious food, fresh air to breathe, sunshine and  plenty of water.
  • Your Mind will need to focus for work, daily activities,  intellectual stimulation, learning and growth, emotional balance, calm, quiet and good decision making.
  • Mindfulness brings headspace for quieting thinking and tapping into intuition. Helping guide you to make sound choices and solve problems.
  • Stress relief can go a long way in your quality of life.
  • Your Spirit will need some attention too. Having Purpose, Doing Good deeds, Prayers and Blessings,  Daily Rituals, and time for yourself, family,and friends. 
  • Yet there are still times when illness, trauma and drama still occur.
  • Vitamins, minerals and probiotics support and build immune health are a key in your health foundation.
  • Flower remedies calm the mind and acknowledge your spirit.
  • Homeopathic remedies speak to your physical, emotional and energetic symptoms in times of need.
  • Natural remedies will compliment your current health plan and modalities. Holistic remedies will care for you in extreme times even when intervention is necessary.
  • Keep in a space away from strong smells and scents.
  • Use tablets away from food, drink, teeth brushing and mints.
  • Tablets are twisted from tube into cap and then from cap to under tongue and dissolved.
Follow instructions on product label.  Consult your healthcare professional for advice if necessary. Enjoy the benefits.
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